Pennridge Airport (KCKZ) 2.0 preview

I am currently working on a new iteration of the Pennridge Airport scenery.  When I completed the first iteration of Pennridge Airport, the satellite imagery was a bit dated.  Since that time, the asphalt taxiway south of the fuel tanks has been removed, and the taxiway and hold lines have been repainted.  The 2.0 iteration will reflect these real world changes.  The placement of the runway and taxiways has also been improved per USGS data.


In addition, the blast fence has been modeled from scratch to match the real world specifications.  The blast fence used in KCKZ 1.0 was designed for jumbo jets, not a small GA airport.

Blast fence

In KCKZ 2.0, the north parking lot has been added, and the south parking lot has been improved.

North parking lot


Other significant changes include the addition of the Phillips 66 sign near the fuel tanks, and the Hart Mechanical building situated opposite the airport.

Fuel tanks and Phillips sign

I don’t have a release date just yet, but I hope to have it finished within the next week or so.

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  • Guest

    can’t wait!

  • JusticeSevenfold

    This will be great!