XGoFlight 2.0 adds P8, WP6 support and more

Last week, I released XGoFlight 2.0 which added support for GoFlight’s P8 and WP6 modules.  I also added additional customization, four preset actions for the pushbutton modules, continued improving logging, and fixed several bugs as detailed below.  Today, the XGoFlight Configuration Generator was updated to reflect these changes.

For the most part, the LGTII requires no customization.  The three trim wheels, gear, and flaps switch work out of the box for almost every aircraft.  The three-way switch, however, was not used and could not be customized.  With XGoFlight 2.0, the three-way switch can now be customized using commands, as exemplified below.

In previous versions of XGoFlight, when the batteries or avionics were off, the MCPPRO would build up a backlog of events (e.g. button push, rotary turn).  When the batteries or avionics were switched on, the backlog of events was carried out.  For example, if you pressed HDG SEL with batteries off, HDG SEL would be triggered when the batteries were turned on.  XGoFlight 2.0 includes a fix preventing a buildup of events with batteries and avionics off.

Prior to XGoFlight 2.0, the configuration file was loaded when the plugin started, as well as when any aircraft was loaded.  The execution order looked like this before XGoFlight 2.0.

  1. X-Plane started
  2. XGoFlight loaded
  3. XGoFlight loads default configuration file
  4. Aircraft loaded
  5. XGoFlight loads custom (if found), or falls back to default configuration file

While this was transparent and never caused any problems, it was largely unnecessary.  In XGoFlight 2.0, step three has been eliminated, which prevents the double loading of configuration files.

Lastly, XGoFlight 2.0 includes improved logging and various internal improvements.  On that note, I have another iteration of XGoFlight in the works.  So far, it will allow full customization of the RP48 rotaries and add a general aviation MCPPRO profile (similar to default Cessna 172SP).  Stay tuned for more!  As always, suggestions and comments are welcome.

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