XGoFlight 2.3.1 maintenance release available

Moments ago, I posted the XGoFlight 2.3.1 maintenance release.  This minor release includes two bug fixes and a new GF-46 feature.  In XGoFlight 2.3.1, barometric pressure is available for the GF-46 module using the barometer function.

The first bug fix corrects a change implemented in 2.3, which caused problems with the button toggle for float-based datarefs.  For example, when a simple float-based dataref was used on the RP48, P8, or WP6 modules, the associated button could be turned on but not off.  I found this out the hard way, after getting setup for a leg with FlyJSim’s 727.

Lastly, a few of you contacted me about problems with the EFIS map mode switch.  Over the past few weeks, it has become apparent that there may be slight differences between the various EFIS firmwares.  The 2.3.1 release includes a potential fix for the nonfunctional map mode knob.  If you are experiencing this issue, please see the Usage page for information on how to configure the version parameter.  Also, because I do not own any modules with the alternate firmware, I cannot test the provided solution.  As a result, any feedback (positive or negative) would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 9SL9

    I’m having difficulty setting the altitude in the BK117 when using my GF-46, however using the cockpit controls works and also adjusts the value on my
    gf-46…so not too sure if this behaviour is expected.

    • http://rescuetruth.com rescuetruth

      Hi there – I’m not familiar with the BK117. If you want, you can email the author of the BK117 and find out how it works. If you can get this information, I may be able to find a way to make it work.