X-Plane 10.30 Beta 1

There are a few key changes in X-Plane 10.30 Beta 1 that have the potential to affect the operation of the XGoFlight plugin, most notably changes to trim interpretation.  As I work on the third development release of XGoFlight, I will take this into account.  If you are using the beta release, please feel free to send any bug reports my way.  The same applies to XHatSwitch and XRemoteFMC.  Thanks!

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  • rogjack

    There is a new version of the x737, v4.90 that may have affected it too. I have noticed that with the MCPPro pressing VNAV sets off an alarm instead.

  • Giovanni

    Hello, the last version of x-plane 10.30b2 VNAV does not work well when it comes on CWS and active yaw dumper, I’m talking MCPPRO.

    I hope you manage to solve the problem. In fact I’m sure you will. :)

    • http://rescuetruth.com rescuetruth

      Thanks for the report, Giovanni. Once X-Plane 10.30 has been finalized, I promise I will take a look at this issue.

  • Wim

    I consider buying LGTII espacially for the trimfunctions. But after using the AP the trims are set on different settings, so they match not more with the rotations of the LGTII I suppose. With the Saitek trim this result in a strong dive or strong climb dependant from the difference between the values of the device and the values in X-Plane. Has LGTII the same problem as Saitek?

    • http://rescuetruth.com rescuetruth

      Nope, I’m happy to report that the LGTII does not have the same problem as the Saitek Trim Wheel (Cessna).

  • Trevg

    Hi Chis,
    win.xpl is causing xgoflight-3.0a2 to CTD all the time on start with X-Plane 10.35.
    Any chance of looking into it please?