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Okay, as being a poly individual myself, i will go right ahead and sound a minority viewpoint that this might work.

We have no idea sufficient whether it will be a drama-filled mire for you or not about him and his relationship with his wife to know. Plenty of poly people i understand are good communicators and people that are generally low-drama date.

A few items to think of.

A) Jealousy takes place, also for non-monogamous individuals. What goes on if you can get jealous? What are the results if she gets jealous? Could it be ok to speak about these exact things? Is he conscientious adequate to value your emotions although you aren’t the partner that is primary?

B) discernment. It will likely be much simpler for you personally in the event that next-door neighbors do not know.

C) You state you do not wish a significant relationship, but think because specifically you want from someone you are casually dating as you can about what. Seeing one another when every weeks that are few? Once weekly?

D) Logistics. Does he come up to your home because you are otherwise solitary? Can you head out and then write out in the seat that is back teenagers?

If you choose to go forward, go on it really sluggish and discover the manner in which you feel at each and every phase. Be truthful along with your emotions to discover exactly exactly how he responds to this sincerity. In my opinion, worthwhile people are prepared to talk you during your insecurities and place you at simplicity. Posted by mai at 3:22 PM on January 2, 2014

I will support the minority viewpoint, at the least conditionally.

This few are recognized to the OP, whom did not understand from their store, or through the gossips, which they had been within an available relationship. Rating one for going ahead, they’re (evidently) discreet, and may manage the downs without it going general general general public.

Research costs absolutely nothing. Therefore talk about this, both the relationship problems plus the practicalities – HOW have they managed to make it work? Continue reading

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