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Chapter 2: Day 14: whenever beginning a game that is new of one’s points is supposed to be 100…

Day 14: whenever beginning a unique game your entire points will soon be 100, even though you load a vintage salvage. 14: All three shower options for Georgina will play instead of only one day. 14: All four of Jennifer’s sex scenes will play (fingering, bj, deflower, and anal) instead of being forced to pick one and miss the others day.

Day 15: you may now constantly have the more money from work as opposed to not receiving hardly any money in the event that you did Georgina’s scenes. 15: While kissing the daughter in the hotel you can touch all three parts of her instead of only one day. 15: You can do both options while playing with the daughter’s nipples instead of only one day. Day 15: While going for a bath because of the child you can easily wash all three areas of her human anatomy as opposed to just one.

16: You can touch the daughter’s thighs and boobs in public instead of only one day. 16: When looking at books at the library you can touch the daughter’s boobs and ass instead of only one day. Day 16: it’s simple to do both choices utilizing the daughter’s breasts in the spa. 17: All five options will play when touching the daughter in the morning instead of only two day.

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