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Favourite Movie Heroes ?

Favourite Movie Heroes ?

While Eddie is very much a real person, his story fits the narrative of the British hero perfectly. For the launch of the third season of Gomorrah we designed an experience for both desktop and mobile where users can select one of their favourite character to send a warning message against people who spoil tv series. The Mule attracted some derision when it came out a couple of years ago for scenes in which the 88-year-old Eastwood – who also directed – sleeps with two women in their twenties at once. Shagging aside, it’s still a remarkably good film based on the true story of Leo Sharp, an American veteran and pensioner who became a drug mule for the Sinaloa Cartel after his business fell into financial difficulties.

This year’s conclusion always had a sense of foreboding to it, with most fans realising that in order to undo to heinous acts that Thanos committed in Infinity War, a large price will have to be paid. That came in the departure of two characters—Captain America , who chose to go back in time and live the life he missed out on with Peggy Carter ; and Tony Stark , who died saving the world. While maligned by cinema lovers and considered by Francis Ford Coppola himself to be more an epilogue than a sequel, The Godfather Part 3 is a journey of redemption that does not have a happy ending. Michael Corleone spends the film discovering that there is nothing that can make up for the decisions of his past, and so his last ride is saving the ones he loves from his legacy. Chiefly, his daughter , to whom he tenderly whispers “I would burn in hell to keep you safe”. It is the latest in a line of sequels that promise “One Last Ride” for a beloved character, but what does that mean? What is the significance of knowing that this is the final battle of a hero we have followed for decades?

There have been some pretty terrible Alien movies, yet Weaver’s Ripley has never disappointed. The first Alien movie is often the film I’ll given when someone asks me which is my favourite movie ever. Coming in second position was Ellen Ripley from the Alien movies. Her performance is underrated in many ways – she’s a very quirky, funny heroine and that’s often forgotten behind Reeves, Hopper and the film’s execution of its brilliant premise. Editor of Top 10 Films, Dan Stephens is usually found pondering his next list. An unhealthy love of 1980s Hollywood sees most of his top 10s involving a time-travelling DeLorean and an adventurous archaeologist going by the name Indiana.

He’s a hero for all of us who’d rather spend the weekend at home than venture out on some crazy cycling holiday up a mountain. Norwich’s favourite son is a desperate fame-hungry loser, a pathetic egomaniac who lives in a travel tavern before upgrading to a static home.

Written and directed by Stallone, sought to end Rocky’s in-ring journey the right way after the disappointment of Rocky V. With his beloved Adrian dead, Balboa is alone with his memories, telling fight stories to customers at his restaurant. A TV fantasy boxing bout coaxes an elderly Rocky back into the ring, where he must confront the regrets of his past, including a fractious relationship with his son . What makes this “last ride” for the leaders of The Avengers so powerful is it gives us a chance to reflect, in a franchise that seemingly never stops for breath, always thinking about the next entry. It gives us a chance to remember the journey the characters have taken, and whether it is a happy ending like Cap, or bittersweet like Tony, there is a sense of a destiny being fulfilled. While Logan taught us that not every character rides off into the sunset, this 1994 Star Trek adventure explored the idea that you can’t change the past. Kirk could indeed relive his life in a happy illusion, but goes with Picard to a confrontation that will ultimately lead to his death. Because he’s Captain Kirk, a man drawn to adventure no matter the personal cost.

Inspiring, intriguing, and most definitely filled with some sarcastic humour for the grown-ups. As a parent you’ve probably found yourself relating to President Business’s love of the superglue, but this is a heart-warming adventure in to the reasons why to steer clear. I thought that too but at the same time I admired Beyond due to the storyline’s simplicity. I KNEW I FORGOT ONE. Up until this one, I was never interested in Batman but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the characters and actors involved. Sometimes, the final journey of a character can be very personal, and none more so than the finale of Rocky’s in-ring journey.

The first of the three spaghetti westerns that would become known as the Dollars Trilogy, Sergio Leone’s A Fistful Of Dollars broke with a decades-long archetype that showed cowboys and frontiersmen as brave heroes. You can’t help but fall in love with the wonderful Po who’d rather have a date with some dim sum than become a Kung Fu warrior. Kids love this all out action movie, parents will love the landscapes and humour. Turning the living room into your very own cinema, snuggling up with a bowl of popcorn, and nestling down to watch a family film together is one of the exquisite joys of modern parenting. It’s a way to have quality time together away from the humdrum of daily life, whilst winding down and sharing something together. At Sitters we’ve been on the children’s favourite film circuit a while and here are the ones that we rate the Best 15 Animated Movies that both you and your children will enjoy, whatever their age or gender.

After We Collided Sequel Replaces Four Actors Ahead Of Filming Final Two Movies

Across a group of films, some great, some not-so great, the college professor and part-time adventurer Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, has saved more lives than the average superhero. The Tramp, a downtrodden hero who became an icon of both early silent cinema and Charlie Chaplin’s oeuvre, is the saviour and unofficial adoptive father of an orphaned baby in this 1921 classic.

But, this is the ‘greatest movie hero ever’, and Indiana Jones is not that. If this poll’s aim was to find out the coolest movie hero ever, then I would have voted for Indiana Jones. I also think Indiana Jones is not as an important movie hero as Ripley is. One of the things I will say about Ripley and the movies she’s been in, she’s never been completely useless as far as the overall plot’s concerned.

Scarlet Witch is one of the most dangerous heroes in the Marvel world. The daughter of Magneto and sister to Quicksilver, she was originally on the side of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the comics, but she saw sense. Her powers were always a bit vague, but later they became more defined and her true power became evident. Amazingly, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes made the boring reality of growing up seem like the most exciting thing in the world thanks to endless pop culture references and ideas cribbed from Hollywood movies. Even an argument in the kitchen can turn into something straight out of Tekken. As well as ‘After’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’, Hero Fiennes Tiffin has acted in films such as ‘Private Peaceful’ on BBC Two and series such as ‘Safe’ on Netflix and ‘Cleaning Up’ on ITV. Hero Fiennes Tiffin is the actor who plays Hardin Scott in ‘After’.

Manic Superhero Jim Carrey Costume

You may have noticed that cinema likes its heroes white, American and male – and if you haven’t, you will while reading this. There’s been plenty of hype surrounding the upcoming Suicide Squad film. And with various character teasers and trailers spilling over the internet, we have very, very, high expectations from film . Even if you were unaware of her from her comic book complex origins, you’d know her thanks Lynda Carter or Gal Gadot’s movie bursting onto screens in the biggest female-led superhero ever. Comic book hero, on screen goddess and all round saviour of the DCEU Wonder Woman has travelled leaps and bounds for female superheroes. Jean’s real draw is her self-sacrifice, she has given us some of the best – read heartbreaking – moments, and for that she truly earned the hero title.

Ever since he stole a blue box and ran away, he’s been in the nation’s living rooms – even when fighting monsters on far-flung planets. And now the man known only as ‘the Doctor’ has won our showdown and is named the greatest sci-fi character of all time. Her specialist topics include comic books, films, TV and feminism. On a weekend, you can usually find her drinking copious amounts of tea and playing boardgames with her friends. With that in mind, then, we’re taking a look back at Hugh Grant’s best film and TV roles to date, and using them to chart his cinematic evolution from romantic hero to pure villain. In devastating news, star of the movie Chadwick Boseman has passed away from cancer.

The character is portrayed by Harrison Ford in the film, which spawned two hugely popular sequels, including The Last Crusade, in which Indy teamed up with his father, as portrayed by Sean Connery. In second place in the hero stakes was everyone’s favourite movie adventurer, Indiana Jones, who took the place for his outing in Raiders of the Lost Ark. And while top marvel heroes who are supposed to have a movie Lecter took the top spot for the bad guys, the character of Atticus Finch, as portrayed by Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird, was named as the biggest screen hero. The character, as portrayed by Sir Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Red Dragon, has been named as the top screen villain of all time, by the American Film Institute .

You’ll struggle to find a character more sad or pathetic (notice a theme emerging?) than Mark Corrigan, the ‘star’ of Peep Show. The next time you end up getting coerced into something you don’t want to do through sheer politeness, remember Brian. Through his mardy Mancunian lens, Karl captures our national values of understatement and refusal to be overawed by even the most wondrous things perfectly.

As in, yes, the same Jeremy Thorpe who, in 1979, was accused of conspiring to murder his secret lover Norman Scott. We’re back to romantic hero, albeit briefly, as Hugh Grant’s portrayal of Love Actually’s prime minister is pretty… well, it’s pretty heartwarming. Save for the fact, of course, that he asks that Natalie be removed from his staff after finding her in a compromising position with the US president. It’s a tiny dipping of the toe into the realms of movie villainry, but it’s a dip nonetheless. And his heightened emotional sensitivity, combined with the traditionally masculine bedrock of clear-eyed rationality, makes every viewer’s heart jump when he pops by to declare his love to Elinor.

Black Widow – aka super spy Natalia Romanoff – has been an Avengers movie mainstay since her MCU introduction in 2010’s Iron Man 2. Of course, being part of a long-running franchise was nothing new to Chris.

If you haven’t yet seen this film, make it a family priority. There are multi-levels of humour which will leave both the youngest and the oldest viewers grabbing their sides. What’s more, it really is the most engaging history lesson ever. The score and musical numbers of The Lion King are what elevate this film from just another cartoon to something exquisite. The whole family will be singing along whilst planning how to book a safari. The Island of Berk is home to some blood-thirsty Vikings, where son of the chief, Hiccup, doesn’t quite fit in. However, Hiccup becomes an unlikely Viking hero as he brings the feared dragons on side.

So when he was asked by both Esquire and the Golden Globes to pick out some of his all-time favourite films, some of the names involved might not come as such as a surprise. Here, we explore some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s favourite pictures. High Plains Drifteris most interesting as Eastwood’s own first directorial take on a western (it was the second film he helmed, after 1971’s Play Misty For Me). After working with Sergio Leone on the Dollars Trilogy in the second half of the 1960s, and starring in eight series of Rawhide before that, Eastwood had set a high bar for himself as a director. Another classic western, Hang ’Em High sees Eastwood play a man falsely accused of murder then lynched by local townspeople out West.

Love Actually

Of course, like all Phoenix she always rises from the ashes, you can never keep Jean down. Ok, so she started out as a mere afterthought, a spin-off from her cousin Superman, but Supergirl has come into her own. While we’re all here for the strong powerful badass women, Supergirl actually brings another type of female to the table.

Looking at a few examples from the past, it becomes clear that “One Last Ride” can mean a variety of things. Killing Eve star Jodie Comer says ‘everything has fallen into place’ after finding love with American lacrosse player James Burke .

Poll: Whos Your Favourite Movie Character Of All Time?

Bond’s officially on 24, with a 25th imminent – we hope – which is some pedigree, even in our franchise-mad age. Knowing when to tweak the formula and when to just revel in it, vodka martini in hand. For most of the 1980s, Hollywood’s heroes were glinting, preposterous he-men. Then along came John McClane, an average Joe in the wrong place who somehow comes out on top. Willis revitalised the action genre with his vulnerability, nonchalance and ribbed cotton vest. What a pity the sequels lost sight of why director John McTiernan’s original had clicked. No national cinema is more in love with heroism than Hollywood, and Cooper’s stoic lawman – hours from retirement when an old foe blows into town with vengeance in mind – may be the exemplary all-American specimen.

Child abuse allegations have done nothing to dent Michael Jackson’s popularity – he came fourth, following Hollywood star Brad Pitt and singer Justin Timberlake. Sci-Fi still looks like having some way to go when it comes to gender equality. 60% of votes were for male characters, with 33% for female, non-specific entities chalking up 6% and one character qualifying as both – following Michelle Gomez’ casting as the Master/Missy in this year’s series of Doctor Who. But Grant convincingly suggests a man who would have been capable of almost anything in pursuit of his sexual desires and political ambitions – without stripping away any of his character’s humanity in the process. Hugh Grant was applauded by critics for his portrayal of disgraced former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe.

favourite movie heroes

The unparalleled sweep and magnificence of Lean; the cloud-piercing stature and intensity of O’Toole. That was what it took for cinema to get its arms and head around the maverick First World War hero. His life demanded an epic – but the way the film finds intimacy in the historical, and vice versa, is what makes it miraculous. In Hollywood there’s a significant overlap between heroes and fathers, and Peck’s upstanding Alabama lawyer, who puts everything on the line to defend an innocent black man, is at the dead centre of the Venn diagram. From his daughter Scout’s perspective – and ours too – he’s a beacon. Only a certain blind swordsman and Godzilla have racked up more films apiece than Ian Fleming’s secret agent.

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