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Guys and women can’t just be Friends”

Scientists asked gents and ladies “friends” just what they actually think—and got really answers that are different

  • By Adrian F. Ward on 23, 2012 october

Can heterosexual people ever be “just friends”? Few other concerns have provoked debates as intense, household dinners as embarrassing, literature as lurid, or movies as unforgettable. Still, the concern stays unanswered. Day-to-day experience shows that non-romantic friendships between women and men aren’t only possible, but common—men and ladies reside, work, and play side-by-side, and usually be seemingly in a position to avoid spontaneously resting together. Nevertheless, the alternative stays that this apparently platonic coexistence is only a facade, a more sophisticated party covering up countless sexual impulses bubbling just underneath the area. Continue reading

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