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X-Plane 10.04r1 HDR FXAA vs. 8x AA (Radeon HD 7970) [VIDEO]

In my HD 7970 travels, I recorded two short videos so users can see a comparison between HDR and non-HDR flying.  This isn’t meant to be a direct comparison per se, but it will show how the HD 7970 is doing overall.  The first video uses HDR with atmosphere scattering and FXAA post process anti-aliasing enabled.  The second video uses 8x anti-aliasing with HDR disabled.

HDR with FXAA post process & atmospheric scattering

Filmed near KLXV airport, direct KDEN.  Aircraft is Twin Otter by X-Hangar.  While performance was so-so and artifacts were present during this trip, the simulator was usable.

Non-HDR with 8x anti-aliasing

Filmed over Lake Michigan after departing KORD.  Aircraft is Challenger 300 by ddenn.  While the 8x anti-aliasing outperformed HDR flying, the simulator froze about twenty minutes into the flight.  Other than that, the simulator was usable, with so-so performance.

I realize it’s apples and oranges to a degree, but which do you think looks better?

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