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Departure procedure and Civil Air Patrol signs added to Doylestown Airport

Doylestown Airport 2.2 for X-Plane adds two objects to the beautiful Bucks County landscape—the departure procedure and Civil Air Patrol signs.  I also removed the runway distance markers because the 3,000-foot sign was being rendered in the middle of a taxiway.  Unfortunately, this is done at the simulator level, so I have no control over final placement.  Below is a preview of the two new objects for your viewing pleasure.

My favorite addition is the departure procedures sign, which is attached to the picnic area fence.  Follow the posted procedures for the most realistic experience possible!

Departure procedures

The second object is the Civil Air Patrol sign, which is located directly across from the Doylestown Airport sign at the entrance.  It’s not visible from within the road, but it is a familiar sight to commuters.

Civil Air Patrol sign

The Doylestown Airport update can be downloaded from the Scenery section.


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