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How to create a trim indicator for X-Plane using Arduino

After successfully implementing switches, buttons, and LEDs with the Arduino microcontroller, I decided to take on servos.  Please forgive my makeshift indicator, which was constructed using a post-it note!  I am still looking for a good method for creating something more professional and open to suggestions.  The code is good, but the aesthetics are still undoubtedly in the “proof of concept” phase.

As you can see, the servos will work out of the box for the most part.  Each servo requires power, ground, and a digital pin.  To compensate for the USB output, I drilled a circular hole using a 5/8″ drill bit.  If you have more precise tools, you can make this as pretty as you want.  Personally, I would have preferred the USB output extend from the rear, but to accomplish this we would need some kind of female-female 90-degree connector, or a larger project box.

Required Hardware

Source Code





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