3.0 (Coming Soon!)

  • Added GoFlight 166 support
  • Added GoFlight MESM support
  • Added GoFlight SECM support
  • Improved performance by reducing calls for battery/avionics datarefs
  • Updated configuration file format for consistency
  • Ability to disable individual modules via configuration file
  • Reduced crashes due to improper configuration file formatting
  • GF-EFIS: Replaced profiles with dataref and command-based configuration
  • GF-MCPPRO: Added profile for Boeing 757 Professional Series by ramzzess & philipp (vmax_757)

2.3.2 (2013-06-24)

  • GF-EFIS: Fixed map mode knob for certain firmwares

2.3.1 (2013-06-09)

  • GF-46: Added barometric pressure function
  • GF-EFIS: Partial fix for map mode knob
  • GF-RP48: Fixed button toggle for float-based datarefs

2.3 (2013-05-27)

  • Added GoFlight 46 support
  • Added VMAX 777 bank limit to MCPPRO
  • Fixed VOR/ADF L/R switch reversal for EFIS
  • Changed casing of plugin directory (renamed from Xgoflight to XGoFlight)
  • Improved logging for start-up and configuration file loading
  • Various internal improvements

2.2 (2013-05-20)

  • Added GoFlight EFIS support
  • Added five actions for Boeing 777 Worldliner by VMAX
  • Added optional “increment” parameter to integer data types for P8/RP48/WP6 buttons
  • Added empty configuration file (xgoflight.empty.json)
  • Converted from text file to web shortcut and removed “Manuals” folder

2.1 (2013-04-21)

  • Added full customization for RP48 rotaries
  • Added support for array datarefs (e.g. sim/cockpit2/annunciators/engine_fires[0])
  • Added general aviation MCPPRO profile
    • V/S button = pitch sync mode
    • V/S wheel = nose up/down
    • ALT HLD button = altitude sync and hold
    • Disabled: A/T ARM, N1, SPEED, VNAV, LVL CHG, F/D 2
  • Improved logging for debugging

2.0 (2013-04-04)

  • Added GoFlight P8 support
  • Added GoFlight WP6 support
  • Added customizable commands for three-way LGTII switch
  • Added preset actions for generators 1-4 (P8, RP48, WP6)
  • Fixed MCPPRO event backlog with batteries/avionics off
  • Fixed double load of configuration file on start
  • Improved logging for debugging
  • Various internal improvements

1.6 (2013-03-23)

  • Added VMAX 777 Worldliner MCPPRO profile (vmax_777)
  • Added RP48 rotary actions for individual transponder digits

1.5 (2013-03-17)

  • Added Mac support for 32/64-bit
  • Reduced size of 64-bit plugin for Linux
  • Improved RP48 performance

1.4 (2013-03-09)

  • Added Linux support for 32/64-bit
  • Improved logging for easier debugging

1.3.1 (2013-02-03)

  • Fixed LED for preconfigured actions on RP48

1.3 (2013-02-03)

  • Added ability to assign custom value to LED for RP48
  • Added MCPPRO profile for JARDesign A320neo (cursory support)
  • Added two RP48 actions, and two T8 actions
  • Fixed crash on re-enabling plugin

1.2 (2013-01-27)

  • Fixed LED blinking for armed AP functions on MCPPRO
  • Added MCPPRO profile for JRollon CRJ-200
  • Added T8 action for seatbelts/smoking AUTO
  • Added lists of preconfigured T8/RP48 actions and MCPPRO profiles
  • Updated example xgoflight.json configuration files for MCPPRO profiles

1.1 (2013-01-10)

  • Added native compatibility for FlyJSim Boeing 727
  • Added custom profiles for MCP-PRO
  • Improved LGT-II performance
  • Fixed LCD update frequency for VVI LCD on autopilot
  • Fixed compiler warnings for both 32/64-bit


  • No major changes

1.0 Alpha 2 (2012-11-15)

  • Added 64-bit compatibility (X-Plane 10.20)
  • Fixed CRS transitions for MCP-PRO
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Added native compatibility for FlyJSim Q400, JRollon CRJ-200, and XP10 B747

1.0 Alpha 1 (2012-06-04)

  • GoFlight LGT-II support
  • GoFlight MCP-PRO support
  • GoFlight RP48 support
  • GoFlight T8 support

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  • Manuel

    Hi, my mcl pro just arrived, downloaded your plugin 2.x and 3.x but the panel doesn’t work. configuration file is blank. i do use fjs 727/737 and ff 757/777. where do i get the configuration files? i have seen those aircraft are already supported?
    thanks a lot four your valuable plugin contribution, i did my donation, i truly appreciate it