XRemoteFMC provides remote access to the default flight management computer in X-Plane 10.  XRemoteFMC can be accessed via any modern browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, etc.).  It should also work on tablets and other mobile devices.  The XRemoteFMC utility is currently in the beta phase, meaning it has not been fully tested and may not be full-featured.  [Download XRemoteFMC @ X-Plane.org]


  • X-Plane 10 (32/64-bit)
  • Windows, Linux, Mac


  1. To install XRemoteFMC, unzip the contents of the ZIP file into X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins.
  2. Windows Users:  Please make sure you have installed the proper Visual C++ Redistributable from Microsoft.
    • X-Plane (32-bit) – Install the x86 package.
    • X-Plane (64-bit) – Install the x64 package.
    • If you are using both 32 and 64-bit X-Plane, install both redistributable packages.


Entering a Flight Plan

  1. After X-Plane has loaded, navigate to in your web browser.  (Note: If you are accessing XRemoteFMC from another machine, substitute with the appropriate IP address.)
  2. If a flight plan has been loaded in the simulator, XRemoteFMC will prepopulate the fixes.  If not, begin entering fixes.
  3. To enter a fix, select the navaid type and enter the fix ID.
  4. Next, press the EXEC button to add the fix to the flight computer.
  5. Rinse and repeat!


  • INIT – Clears entire flight plan
  • PREV – View previous waypoint in flight plan
  • NEXT – View next waypoint in flight plan
  • CLR – Clear current waypoint
  • DIRECT – Navigate directly to the displayed waypoint
  • EXEC – Execute changes to displayed waypoint
  • AIRP – Airport waypoint type
  • VOR – VORTAC waypoint type
  • NDB – Non-directional beacon waypoint type
  • FIX – Fix waypoint type
  • LAT/LON – Latitude/longitude waypoint type
  • +/- – Signage for latitude/longitude waypoint type
  • LD – Load flight plan (not currently implemented)
  • SA – Save flight plan (not currently implemented)

Known Limitations

  • Empty flight plan causes first waypoint in X-Plane database to be returned
  • Executing waypoint with no ID causes first waypoint in X-Plane database to be returned
  • Cannot load/save flight plans from XRemoteFMC


1.0 Beta 4 (2013-03-13)

  • Added Mac support

1.0 Beta 3 (2013-03-12)

  • Added latitude and longitude waypoint type

1.0 Beta 2 (2013-03-04)

  • Added Linux support

1.0 Beta 1 (2013-03-04)

  • Initial release

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  • kingtut

    Hey – fantastic plugin – so much easier when flying than using a mouse!

    However I get a crash if I hit “Init”. Arpt, Next, Prev, Exec all work well (all I’ve tested so far), but Init crashes irrespective of when I hit it. Using latest (as of 2014-11-04) stable X-Plane 10 on Steam, with Sonata TBM850 aircraft (also happens with built-in 747-400). Let me know if you need any other details.

    • kingtut

      “Direct” also causes a crash. All other buttons seem to work.

  • Scott

    Any opportunities on getting a copy of the source code for xremotefmc? I’m in the process of building a sim pit using XPlane 10.x and would love to have windows based remote FMS interface. I’d use xremotefmc however the Init and Direct buttons are crashing XPlane and you can’t upload or save plans (as stated in the limitations).